Friday, 7 August 2009


When I was little our local toy shop had a pocket money section with all sorts of little things I used to excitedly buy with my allowance. This is essentially what Pocket Money Picks is all about. Its somewhere you can find little handmade or thoughtfully designed pieces that wont break the bank but will bring a big smile to your face!

Everyone loves a freebie but I still think it's really important to support all the designers, illustrators, crafters, printers, artists and generally talented people that are trying to make a living from doing what they love. As it seems like everyone is on a budget these days (including me) I have been scouting the internet for beautifully handmade or thoughtfully designed pieces that wont cost more than $10 but will still support these creative talents. Every little helps right?


Here are the first three picks!...

1. Oh, hello friend: Up in the sky lovely charm button pins - $2.50each or $9.50 for 4
2. Andi's Prints: Blue bird and chandelier 5 piece printable stationary set - $5
3. Craft Pudding: Matryoshka rubber stamp - $6.50

If you had $10 what would you treat yourself with? Let me know in the comments section!

Picture Source: Oh, hello friend/Andi's Prints/Craft Pudding

NB: Craft Pudding link is bow fixed! 16.44pm



  1. If I had $10, I would treat myself to one of those cute pins. I really like them.

  2. if i had $10 dollars to spend, i'd treat myself to something from etsy.. idk what specifically, i just know i'd want something handmade (:

  3. The pins are cute arent they! I know its a bit early to think about christmas but they would make really nice stocking fillers too.
    I totally agree with you Jane, Etsy has many, many tempting things to spend $10 on - i love handmade too :)

  4. What a wonderful blog, I have just discovered you from a mention in oh hello friend.blogspot - lovely $10 finds! :) will be keeping an eye on this blog for lots more lovely inspiration and printable freebies!

  5. Welcome to Make, Do & Send Jessie! Im so glad you like what you've seem so far, i cant wait to share even more lovely things with you all next week :)

  6. These are so cute! If I had $10, I would buy stationery or crafting supplies =)

  7. Hmmmmm... it's a toss-up - I would either choose some kind of cute hair accessory, or a few of those yummy cupcakes from those trendy gourmet cupcake stores.

  8. Claire - you are a girl after my own heart stationary and crafting supplies sound great.
    Dionne - i recently went cupcake tasting with my cousin when planning for her weddina and I was in heaven. I think we tries 6 flavour combos before we felt sick :D