Tuesday, 11 August 2009


I saw these refurbished wallpaper cans by Marichelle on Heart Handmade last week and couldn't wait to give it a go.

Click here for equipment, instructions and step by step pics so you can get crafty too!

To make mine, I used Laura Ashley wallpaper samples and a tub of Waitrose Cooks' Ingredients Dark Chocolate Chunks which was just 2 1/2" in diameter making it perfect for housing either the cotton pads I use to take my makeup off or as a desk tidy...I'm still undecided!

I think it turned out pretty good although I wish I'd had some wallpaper with a more graphic modern design as I think Marichelle's look fantastic in the Orla Kiely paper, very chic.

Once id completed the Heart Handmade project I'd created even more scraps so I used a 16.5cm x 11cm strip to make a little jotter. I cut 8 strips of paper each 16.5cm in length and 11cm wide to fill the book which meant I ended up with a cute little 16 page notebook to keep beside the bed.

If you use the same measurements as I did to make your jotter it will be small enough for you to use a regular stapler along the spine as I have done, if you're really cleaver tho you could hand stitch the spine ;)

Finally, to complete the set, I found a tiny 200g mayo jar that was the perfect size to house either the miniature set of colouring pencils I have from Paperchase or my q-tips. To create the jar wrap around you will need to measure the height of the straight side of the glass where it doesn't curve so you get a nice smooth finish. You then use a measuring tape to get the circumference of the jar so you know how long to cut your strip of wallpaper.



I divided the circumference by 2 so the paper would only wrap around half the jar but you could add a centimeter to each end so it wraps round the whole jar with a slight overlap at the back. I found Spray Mount worked well for this project as it gave me time to reposition the wallpaper to get it just right and it adhered well to the glass.

There are so many uses for these especially when you can get the containers in so many sizes. I think they would be excellent for putting little gifts inside, especially when you can tailor the paper to the person. You could even use them in the kitchen as refillable flour, sugar and coffee canisters if you labeled them!

Let me know what you would do with these pots by leaving a note in the comments section.

If you've found more wallpaper samples than you know what to do with hop on over to Chez Larsson where Benita has several fantastic tutorials that use wallpaper to transform things around the home.


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  1. I'm so going to give this a try on the weekend. I've got some wallpaper samples left over from a recent craft project I did with an Ikea table - they will be perfect for this!

  2. love your blog :)

  3. These would look so fab in my kitchen, lining the shelves filled with different types of coffee. I love them, they are sooo cute!

  4. Will - ive just seen your table, that is some serious crafting with wallpaper, v.cool!
    Anthem - thanks for stopping by
    Dionne - i think these would be great for the kitchen too. I love that you could update them really easily too when you feel like a change :)