Thursday, 13 August 2009


hitney from Whisker Graphics posted a really handy mini-file download for her blog readers which I think you'll enjoy just as much as I do.

The mini-files are really useful for organising all manner of paper bits and you can print as many as you need to file away stamps, coupons, printables, recipe cards, receipts, travel documents...anything that can go in a 4.75" x 7" file!

I like to cut out all the printable mailing labels, stickers and note cards I've collected and group them in these files so my stationary box stays relatively organised.

You can click here to get the download and say a big thank you to Whitney!

Tip: Why not use the mini-file as a template to make files from different cards and papers you have left over from other projects?

Psst! You can also find Whisker Graphics on Etsy ;)

picture source: whisker graphics

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