Monday, 3 August 2009


he day I came across Ez's blog Creature Comforts was the day I realised that the most mundane of tasks could be greatly improved with a beautiful printable and that there were designers, bloggers, illustrators and hobbyists all over the bloggersphere sharing these thoughtful and beautifully designed printable files.

As the first printable file I ever used was the Aqua and Orange Mailing Label from Creature Comforts I thought it was fitting that it should be the first printable file that I share with you here on Make, Do & Send.

All you have to do is click here to download and print the PDF Ez has kindly put together for you all. I keep a stash of these in an envelope on my desk so they are always to hand.

As this is my first post on Make, Do & Send I wanted to add a little extra treat from me to you. Below you will find a little printable note card inspired by Ez's mailing labels for you to enjoy too!

Click here to download....

picture source: Creature Comforts

Craftig : Craft Is Good


  1. the notecards are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Dana your comment has made my day! :D

  3. These are sooo very cute!!! How generous of you for sharing the cuteness!

  4. Glad you like them Hayley :)

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