Tuesday, 4 August 2009


recently joined Read It Swap It which is a fantastic site that connects you with like minded people to swap your old books with!

I love getting unexpected treats and thought it would be nice to send these gorgeous book plates from Baca Creative with my swaps as a little thank you to my swap buddy!

They are perfect as a little accompaniment if you give someone a books as a gift or for labeling your own book collection so I am really happy that I can share these with you here too.

Christa Baca has this and three other book plate designs available for you to download on her blog so hop on over to Baca Creative and print yours now. I like to use Spray Mount to affix the labels to the inside cover of my own books but you can use the adhesive of your choice.

Although I love the design above for gifts my personal favourite has to be this one.

I am always reluctant to lend my favourite books to friends in case I never get them back but hopefully these will put a stop to my books going walk-abouts and help me to be a little more sharing in future...I will keep you posted on whether it works!


Dont forget to say thanks to Christa and let her know how much you love these if you download them as I am sure she would love to hear from you.




  1. These are so adorable! My husband and I recently started creating a little library in our family room, these would give it a nice personal touch.

  2. Hi Alex, just wanted to say hello (we're both doing "Through Her Eyes" on Layers of meaning. This is such a great find!

  3. Hi Marichelle thanks for stopping by :)
    Mango Gal - Glad you like these, Christa is so talented isnt she!