Friday, 14 August 2009


ere are three more Pocket Money Picks which will keep you all organised in handcrafted style!

1. Erinzam: Business Card Book Kit - $5
For $5 you get all the bits you need to organise your business cards and create a cute little 2" x 3 1/2" book. All you need to supply is the hole punch ;)

2. Bubbo Tubbo: Monthly Planner - $9
I love the simple, old school style of this planner which would be great as a blog post planner. It is also available as a weekly planner which is equally as gorgeous.

3. Edessedesigns: Cherries Mini File Folders - $7.50
These will definitely brighten up any workspace! Id carry one around in my handbag just for receipts ;) You get 3 cherry print and 3 solid red files in a pack. I think that's pretty good value for something so cute, don't you?

Did you treat yourself to anything this week? Make me jealous and leave a comment telling me what you bought!

Picture Source:Erinzam/Bubbo/Edessedesigns


  1. Thanks for posting these! I'm such a sucker for organizational "helpers".

  2. Me too! Glad you like the picks this week.

  3. Parabéns pelo blog!!! amo tudo relacionado a
    scrapbook!!! Sucesso!!!!

  4. My treat for the week was a book Ive been wanting to read: The Lovely Bones!


  5. Edi Art - All I got there was congratulation on the blog (i think) but thankyou so much for commenting, i love hearing from my readers! :)

    Melanie I read Lovely Bones a few years ago and it is such a great read. I hope you enjoy it, there making a movie of the book soon too! Please come back and tell me what you think when you finish, im such a book worm ;)