Monday, 2 August 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!

Thats right friends, my little blog is one year old today!

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the journey so far. I could never have imagined that being part of the blogging community would enrich my life in so many ways when I started out but it really has. 

I will have several celebratory posts this week (including a giveaway!) but lets start the festivities by simply enjoying a little cake.

Wont you please join me wherever you are in the world and treat yourself to a big slice of cake or a delicious cupcake like this one posted by Aran on her beautiful blog Cannelle et Vanille.

Have a lovely day friends x

psst...Aran has the recipe for these gorgeous Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes on her blog, yum, yum!

image source: cannelle et vanille


  1. Happy blog birthday! & as a matter of fact, I actually just finished eating a rather-gargantuan piece of cake: it was completely delicious.

  2. Thanks Mallory! I treated myself to some home made carrot cake, yum, yum :)

  3. Happy Blog Birthday Alex...and I wish you many more wonderful years to come! Thank you for the beautiful inspiration that you provide through your blog. ♥

  4. Happy blog birthday Alex!!!!!!!! I wish you too like kristi many wonderful years to a beautiful blogging!!!!!!
    lots of love

  5. Holly, Kristi, Amanda + Ishtar you are all lovely too just like your blogs. Thanks for your support, your comments always make me smile and they definitely keep this blog going :)

  6. woot! woot! Happy first blog birthday, darling!
    Yummmy, that was a delicious cupcake!

  7. That's wonderful! Happy blog birthday to you! I have more recently discovered your blog, but I really enjoy it, and look forward to all that the future brings :)
    Keep up the great work*

  8. V - Vanessa you're the sweetest! Thank you for all the comments you have posted here they make all the time spent working on posts worth while :)
    S - Sarah I have followed your blog for a really long time, in fact I think it was one of the first I stumbled across so its lovely to hear you have discovered my blog too and that you like what you find here :) Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Happy blog birthday! Glad to have found Make Do and Send. :D

  10. happy blog birthday! I'm craving cake now and it's only 9am

  11. Thanks Cassey! Maybe as its a special occasion cake is acceptable for breakfast ;)