Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Make Origami Hearts with Upon A Fold

What do you think? Not bad for an origami newbie, right?

I've been making these origami hearts all afternoon having found a really simple step-by-step over on the swoon worthy paper blog Upon A Fold.

Once you start making these you really cant stop. Not only will you get faster and faster but you'll want to turn every scrap of paper you can lay your hands on into hearts of every size :)

Pop over to Upon A Fold to download the origami pdf and dont forget to take a peek at their store while you're there. They have products to make your heart skip if you're a paper lover like me!


Psst...if you like my paper heart your can download this pattern from Lovely Design and print onto layout paper which is what I did ;)


  1. What a beautiful heart you made! Thanks so much for the post, and so happy to have found your lovely blog :)

  2. super cute! it sounds like such a cathartic activity, too :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this, I'm definitely going to try it : )

  4. Not bad for a newbie! I love Upon a Fold. I find the art of paper so inspiring. I've also really enjoyed catching up on all your posts for the past month whilst I've been away Alex. And you'll be happy to know I have FINALLY posted 10 things about me :) it took me long enough - so thank you again Alex. Your blog re-design looks lovely and is so crisp and clean and easy to navigate - well done.
    Have a great weekend,
    Allison xx

  5. Love this! I'm going to try it right away... and the pattern is super cute too! No, wait... I have to get my boring jobs out of the way first! Urrghhh! DOn't you hate that?? N x

  6. nooo! the boring jobs can wait, surely paper hearts should be top of the to-do list :D