Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Minimega Children's Poster Set and Printables

These prints are just adorable and such a steal at 13,50 Euros for the pair. I can't think of anything sweeter to decorate a child's room or nursery, plus they're educational ;)

You can find them at the Minimega store, but hurry before they sell out!

Aside from all the beautiful printed goodies in store I simply can not mention Minimega without telling you about the lovely freebies Sara shares on the Minimega blog. You will find lots of sweet diy projects including these fantastic treat boxes. Explore the Minimega blog for yourself right here.

Speak to you soon friends!

image source: minimega shop & minimega blog


  1. i think the lion has a really sweet face but I think the whale is my fav too :)

  2. What an awesome blog!! Thanks for sharing. I love the Christmas calendar and cootie catcher DIYs! Have added it to my reader.
    Have a good weekend. :D

  3. really cute- glad to know about them.

  4. Kelly I bookmarked the Christmas Calendar! Its such a cute project for later in the year. I'm secretly getting a little bit excited for christmas even though its August lol.
    The store and blog are full of really lovely things so im glad to be spreading the word about Minimega :) Have a nice weekend Mariah x

  5. yey!
    Freebies + printables! Just what I asked for!

  6. Hi Bella, glad you like the post! You will definitely find lots of lovely printables on Minimega ;)