Monday, 9 August 2010

Zorrini Fox

Do you remember when I posted about Monty? Well I found another little guy over on the Little Lovely blog who was begging to be posted too. What do you think? Pretty fantastic for a fox, right?

Want to know what makes this handmade Haciendo el Indio softie so extra special? ...He has two faces, one side he sleeps and one side he's wide awake! He also comes with a wonderfully jaunty hazel scarf :) 

Happy Monday all x 


Psst....Christina has a really sweet website so be sure to stop by and check out her work as well as the Big Cartel store where you will find Zorrini.

image source: Haciendo el Indio via Elmarie Giles 

Washi tape download here


  1. i LOVE his huge head! if he sprang to life, it would totally slow him down if he tried to run, haha.

  2. Glad you all find him adorable too! I am totally in love with his over sized head too Mallory, it just makes him even more lovable doesn't it :)