Thursday, 8 July 2010

My Workspace

Yesterday I really felt the need to get away from the computer and do something crafty so last night I started drafting some new patterns for a project I have in the pipeline.

I thought you might like a little glimse at what im working on so heres how my messy workspace looks today!

The next step! Im off now to find some co-ordinating fabrics and stock up on more linen now the first pattern is out the way :)

Do you have any projects on the go? I'd love to hear whats going on in your craft space this week. 

See you tomorrow for Pocket Money Picks!   

image source: make, do & send


  1. can't wait to see what it is : )

  2. All will be revealed soon although i do think this is going to take me longer than expected to get to the big reveal! Have a nice evening V. x

  3. Definitely can't wait to see what it is either!

  4. Hi Abby thanks for stopping by the blog! Hope you enjoy the weekend :)

  5. That looks like it is going to be really cool! You git some skills! I so wish I knew more bout quilting. I have that exact same fabric in my stash.

  6. Hi Delilah thanks for stopping by! I am so nearly finished this quilt actually, I'm just finishing up the hand quilting :)