Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Flora Douville Prints on Sale!

We are half way through the week, whoo hoo! On the one hand it's lovely looking forward to the weekend but I often feel a bit panicked when I get to Wednesday as I usually still have lots to get done before the week is up!

I love Flora Douville's illustrative style, it takes me back to thinking of all the wonderful picture books I loved as a child. Browsing the Flora Douville big cartel store just now I realised she has a sale on (including the above print) and thought I must share the news with you.

Doesn't this bear just make you smile? I think he has a very jolly, friendly expression which makes me happy :)

Cherry-ho friends... 

image source: flora douville


  1. I love her illustration! Thanks for alerting about the sale. Have a great day!

  2. Hey Shivani I just saw the Paola Zakimi sale on your blog so i think we have done a sale alert swap!
    You have a fantastic blog im really glad you posted so i could find it. Id love you to add your url to the Guest Book so my readers can find you too - you can find the Guest Book page link at the very top of the page ;)