Monday, 5 July 2010

A little blog with some big ideas...

Ta da! Make, Do & Send has a new look, what do you think?

I have several secret projects on the go relating to the blog and this redesign was top of the to-do list. I am coming up for my one year blog anniversary so it seemed a good time to reassess things round here and have a bit of a spring clean. I wanted to give the blog a clean more grown up feel that was easy to navigate which I hope I have achieved here. I really do hope you like it :)

There are a few more updates to the blog which I will introduce over the next few months but one new feature that I have added is the Guest Book.  A few people have admitted to secretly lurking on Make, Do & Send reading all the posts but never commenting. This is fine as we all dart around blog land and don't always have time to post comments but if you don't comment I cant find your wonderful blogs and follow you back. The Guest Book is therefore a place for you to drop by just once and introduce yourself. Hopefully it will turn into a great resource full of links to all your fabulous blogs for me and everyone else to enjoy. Chances are if you like Make, Do & Send me and my readers will like your blog too so stop by and let us know a little about you and your blog :)

I have been thinking alot about where the blog is headed and how I can improve things for you, my lovely, lovely readers so if you have any feedback for me regarding the blog I'd love to hear from you so why not leave a comment or drop me an email?  

Have a great day friends x

I couldn't make it all about me today so here is a lovely craft inspired illustration by Alyssa Nassner that I found on Twig & Thistle. I'd love to have this hanging next to my sewing machine and Im sure you would too. Its just perfect isnt it.

image source: twig & thistle via adriana bellet/pinterest 


  1. Yay! Thanks Elissa

  2. Thanks Sarah and Happy Birthday for the 7th ;)

  3. I really like the new look. Very clean and spacious!
    Going to check out the guest book now ; )

  4. Glad you like it Vanessa thanks for popping in to say hi :)

  5. I love the new look and the idea of the "guest book". It's always fun to find fabulous new blogs !

  6. Thanks Kitty! Ive already found a great new blog in the Guest Book section so I hope more people join in too :)

  7. Hi Alex!!!
    I like the new look its very clean and fresh as you said.
    ALso, I think a header with a bit more of color or a simple image would be nice too! what do you think? :D
    Hearts to you dear friend!!
    PS: i think the guest book is a GREAT idea!

  8. Hey Ishtar thanks so much for the feedback its really helpful and I appreciate your comments. Thanks for signing the Guest Book too! :)