Monday, 12 July 2010

Elle Decoration Illustrator Jenny Bowers

Jenny Bowers work is fantastic! I'm really happy to share some of Jenny's illustrations with you today because I think it's just what we need on a Monday. 

I discovered her wonderfully bold illustrations in Elle Decoration(uk) and really admire her vibrant colourful style. The simple shapes, lines and bright colours make for some really fun illustrations, dont you think?

These images are taken from the March and June issues of Elle Decoration and you can see more of Jenny Bowers work here.

Have a lovely day friends!

image source: photographs taken by me of the March(2/3) and June(1) issues of Elle Decoration(UK)


  1. Hey Miss B I was just catching up with your blog this afternoon so its lovely to have you stop by here too! :) So glad you like Jenny's illustrations as well.

  2. Those illustrations are so bright and cheery. Yes, we do all need this on a Monday.

  3. Im glad you liked these too Bekah the colours are definitely very cheery for a Monday :)