Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Michelle Mason's London Tea Towels

I'd made a note to tell you about some sweet tumblers designed by Michelle Mason for The London Transport Museum but then I found these tea towels on her website which I love even more!

I think Michelle's bold and colourful illustrative style captures London perfectly and most importantly her work really makes me smile.

Michelle Mason has illustrated several other iconic London scenes for her line of cushions which I would love to see printed up as tea towels too. They show the Tower of London, The 'Gherkin', Piccadilly Circus and my favorite, the Columbia Road Flower Market.

Michelle's designs are all made here in England which I think is fantastic and im sure they would make the perfect souvenir or holiday gift if you would like to take a little bit of London home with you. If you are visiting London this year look out for her pieces at these museums and boutiques


On another note...

I am so pleased with the response I've receieved after posting my reader survey on Monday so a big thank you to you if you're one of the wonderful people that took part! If you haven't completed the reader survey yet and would like to you can do so right here.

It has been fascinating reading through all your responses and the feedback had been even more useful than I expected. I think it will really help me focus and make the blog even better going forward so thanks again :)


See you on Friday for Pocket Money Picks :)

image source: michelle mason


  1. London is my favorite city EVER so I'd definitely adore having one of these delightful towels. I think I'd have to frame it though. I'd never want to stain it!

  2. Oh these are so cute. I want them!

  3. These are too cute, I used to live in England and these bring back such fond memories!

  4. -Mallory i totally agree, these would be great framed! I love that tea towels have become an affordable way to bring a little art into the home there are so many beautiful ones out there right now.
    - Vanessa & Kitty I am so glad you like these too they are really sweet aren't they :)

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