Monday, 28 June 2010

Lets Do Something Amazing by Quail Creative

I'm still beavering away on secret behind the scenes stuff so I think I'll just let this wonderful Quail Creative print do the talking today...

Lets take the lead from Rachel and 'shoot for the moon and all that jazz' :)

pssst...Rachel does some lovely design work, you can see her portfolio here...

image source: quail creative


  1. Thanks Alex for the sweet post and email :)
    Made my day. For real!

  2. I love that! So simple and uplifting : )

  3. -no problem Rachel! sorry if you noticed a big error in the last paragraph yesterday but its been amended. ;)
    -hey vanessa i felt totally uplifted when i came across this print so im glad you felt the same as thats why i wanted to share it here!