Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Les Ciseaux by Eva Juliet

I seem to have a growing list of things which would be just perfect for the number one thing on my wish list...a craft/studio/office space of course!

This is the latest addition to my Etsy list of favourites 'for the studio' which I am sure you will heart yourselves once you've found your way to Eva's shop here.

You have probably seen Eva Juliet's prints before because I remember seeing this Button print everywhere on the blogs not so long ago. I really admire Eva's drawing style and I have a romantic picture of her in my head illustrating the original carefully and beautifully with pen and ink at a lovely old desk (vivid imagination, i know!).

Do you too think about the artist and how your piece was created when buying something handmade?

I think thats the beauty of Etsy and the handmade movement, I feel like there's a real connection with the creatives behind our favourtite products.

image source: eva juliet 


  1. ahhh looks like a perfect addition to my craft/sewing room too! great choice, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too :) great to be back!

  2. thats ok, i really love your craft room pics hun :)

  3. I want one! I'm hearting her shop now, thanks :)

  4. it's lovely isn't it, thanks for stopping by Holly!

  5. that is super cute!! I want one too : )