Saturday, 10 April 2010

Ta Da! Zig Zag Cars and Trees Quilt

Soooo its finally finished, what do you think?

I used a yard of Pale Blue fabric (although I didn't end up needing it all, I have about 13" left), 1 fat quarter in Lime and 1 fat quarter in Purple from Pelenna Patchworks. I love shopping at Pelenna for solids, they have such a great selection of colours! The 1/2 yard of Cars and Trees fabric came from Fabric Rehab and the white fabric was from a 100% cotton flat sheet I picked up at Ikea for peanuts.  

As I said before, I used this tutorial as a guide for the zig zag design and for the back I reused the applique pattern from my Make, Do and Mend quilt

To make the binding I cut out strips from the lime, purple and patterned fabrics and sewed them together alternating colours until I had enough to go round the whole quilt for a lovely colourful binding.

I was rather brave this time and decided to try and quilt in zig zags using my sewing machine with the standard foot and the stitch length set to the longest possible. It worked pretty well, although I wouldn't say the result was perfect but good for a first time machine quilter who didn't have all the correct equipment :)

I will be gifting the quilt to baby Joshua this afternoon so I will let you know how its received tonight! What are your plans for the weekend, I hope you have the gorgeous spring weather we're enjoying here in London today. How about crafting, any projects on the go? Id love to know what your up to so feel free to leave a comment below. Happy weekend all!



  1. saw you on Craftig, love the quilt! I have an international blog linking party, and would just love it if you'd drop by and link to something! every Sunday thru Wed (or so) Hope to see you there!

  2. Love the quilt! Theres no stopping you! Lucky Baby Joshua!

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