Monday, 26 April 2010

Creature Comforts DIY Gift Wrapping Kit

Did you see this fabulous gift idea Ez posted on Friday? 

I've been hunting out all sorts of things like this for my Lovely Package Exchange partner in the hope that the exchange is still going to happen so I almost felt this post was speaking just to me!

Rather than just packing up a load of crafy bits and bobs I love that Ez has stuck to a colour palette which ties everything together. Everything looks like it has a place in the box even though the items have been sourced from all over.

If I received something as lovely as this I would definitely think someone had put a lot of care and attenion into such a thoughtful gift.

If you were putting this together for a friend what would you add?

For links to all the free printables Ez used be sure to check out the original post! ;) 

On a side note... I can never decide whether to feature some of the projects that I love from the 'big' blogs because I think everyone's probably already seen them. These past few weeks however, I've come across some amazing 'new to me' blogs with thousands of followers. I figure not everyone's always in the loop so I hope that there will be someone reading this today that will be introduced to the wonderful world of Creature Comforts for the first time. Ez is definitely one of my all time favourite bloggers so go check her out! 

imagesource: creaturecomforts


  1. I know what you mean about featuring a project from the 'big' blogs - but I think sometimes, it's good to share anyway. I loved that project. If I were doing one, I'd add one of those pop up tape dispensers you wear on your wrist - mine's very well used around Christmastime.

  2. oh i always think those look like such a good idea but im usually counting the pennys once all the gifts have been bought at xmas and never get one. my new love is japanese tape so a couple of rolls would have to go in for sure! I have seen some beautiful wooden tape dispensers but that would be a gift in its self...