Friday, 30 April 2010

Olive Manna Coloring Book

This is another reason why I love Twitter. Every single time I check in I find something to swoon over and yesterday was no different. Natalie Jost was tweeting about these new colouring books which she'd made available to pre order so I decided to investigate further ;)

I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised because this is not just any old colouring book but one for the grown-ups!  

Colouring is one of the few things you can do to really rest your mind and help you switch off from all the distractions that vie for our attention when we try to relax. If something is bothering you or there is so much going on around you that you find it hard to wind down I think activities like colouring can be really therapeutic, do you agree? 

Natalie has a beautiful online shop Olive Manna which stocks really lovely paper goods, fabrics, and craft/wrapping supplies which have a clean simple aesthetic to compliment the original pattern designs she uses in her work. In fact you might recognise some of the patterns featured in the Olive Manna Coloring Book from her fabric collections which are available on Spoonflower.

When I think about when I would actually use a colouring book for some reason I can picture myself on a sun lounger, pool side at Vilacampina with this drink in one hand and my pencils in another. This might not be quite what you were expecting to hear but to me that sounds like bliss. V.relaxing!

In fact if your summer hols entail a long haul flight this is probably perfect for you as there are only so many magazines you can lug on the plane. I'm sure there are hours of enjoyment to be had.

I'm interested to hear how you imagine yourself colouring? Does it appeal to the big kid in you too? Just make sure you stay in the lines ok! 

Pssst...order before 15th May and save $5, plus Natalie is including a free set of mini colouring pencils with pre orders while stocks last.

 image source: olive manna


  1. yes they are lovely!!!thanks for sharing them Alex: )

  2. Its my pleasure! Have a nice weekend Ishtar :)

  3. Ohh mummy colouring - i'm glad its not just me that loves a colour in! My kids get bored and run off and i'm still to be found 'finishing off'!! Don't think i'd get a look in with this one though - its very up the street of my biggest, she is a very neat colourer!