Monday, 27 September 2010

Make Something Blog and The Workroom

I discovered a new blog this weekend called Make Something which is where Karyn from The Workroom blogs all her news and latest sewing projects amongst other crafty things.

It is such an inspiring blog, I have been obsessively riffling through the archives and dreaming up sewing projects of my own. I even drafted a dress block and whipped up a toile on Sunday I was so inspired to get sewing.

Aren't these details beautiful, Karyn is one talented seamstress indeed...

As well as blogging at Make Something Karyn also runs a really cool business in Toronto called The Workroom. You can sew by the hour in the studio and have full use of all their fantastic equipment. Karyn also runs classes that cover everything from how to use a serger to drafting a pattern from your favourite piece of clothing!

I would truly love to have something like this local to me. Make sure all you lucky Canadian's go visit Karyn at The Workroom.

If you'll all excuse me now...I'm off to buy some Japanese pattern books of my own ;)

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  1. the workroom sounds amazing! wish we had something like that here!

  2. It's so nice to see Karyn's blog mentioned here -- I am a regular reader of YOUR blog (and hers) and I live less than a 5 minute walk from Karyn's store. Small world!!!. The Workroom is a fabulous store. And Karyn is super nice in person too -- When my sewing machine decided to quit in the middle of a project she arranged to have it sent to the Bernina head office to be fixed. And I didn't even buy it there (It's a 30 year old Bernina). Small town customer service in the big city -- I love my neighbourhood!

  3. Hey Martha thanks so much for your comments it is so nice to here from someone who has been to the store!! Its also lovely to hear that Karyn and The Workroom are just as I imagined. Karyn sounds so passionate and I think it is such a fantastic idea for a business, I love to hear of people getting amazing service so thats wonderful too :)