Monday, 6 September 2010

Inspirational Workspaces II

I've been catching up with some blog reading over the weekend and caught Kyle Freeman's guest post about setting up your workspace over on Design Sponge.

Having picked up lots of design tips to make an inspiring workspace that is also functional (so important if you actually want to get some work done!) I have been inspired to declutter and redesign my office nook. 

As you know all good plans start with an inspiration board so I have a round up of office/studio spaces to share with you today. If you didnt catch my last post on Inspirational Workspaces be sure to take a peek for more inspiration.

When I create a mood board I dont think too much about what I have to start with. I like to dream big and work out which ideas I can incorporate into my teeny tiny space later. I hope you too can take some inspiration from this post for your own workspace, what ever shape or size that may be!

Psst....Dont forget to read Kyle Freeman's post here you will find lots of practical advice to get you organised and working efficently in your workspace ;)

image sources via pinterest: (from top left, clockwise) 1+2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


  1. i love these spaces. i need to start working on my office/guest bedroom combo!

  2. Looks as though you need a trestle table! I'm totally into your inspiration, they all look like very usable work places to me.
    I love my work space, it has a lot of my character in it and it makes it a joy rather than a chore to go and sit at my desk. My workshop shall continue to evolve, I'm currently on the look out for some more shelving and a rug to cosy the place up a little. Thanks for the photos, Bertie

  3. An inspiring work/study space is so important. I like to be near a window and I like to have a lot of space.... all of these choices are fabulous!

  4. I adore the first one! SO many great details to love about it -- it somehow just seems so inviting and just my cup of tea :)
    Hope you had a splendid weekend, xo

  5. Mariah - You and me both! Glad you liked the pics :)
    Bertie - You are right, I sooo need a gorgeous trestle table. I definitely think a rug would cosy up you workshop, i love the green and white one on the left.
    Vanessa - I love working by a window too. I feel better working in a light bright space where my eyes can wander. If I'm just staring at a wall I feel so uninspired.
    Sarah - The first one has a lovely feel doesnt it. I would really love the chair!
    Thanks for stopping by everyone, I love reading your comments :)

  6. Dear Alex this couldnt be more perfect timing! im just about to move and I need to think how my new studio will be, so these post is GREAT!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think your big move is so exciting Ishtar! I will definitely be looking out for pics on your blog of your new space in the near future ;)