Saturday, 29 May 2010

Pocket Money Picks 29/May

Oops Pocket Money Picks are a little late this week!

Me and the girls got swept up in all the Sex and the City madness Friday which (due to cocktails) also carried over into me doing very little Saturday. Have you seen SATC2 yet? I'd love to be one of those organised bloggers with everything scheduled ahead of time but unfortunately thats just not me. 

Anyway, here are this weeks belated picks, enjoy....

1. Mini Creamer in Cinder (second) $9 - Pigeon Toe Ceramics

2. Valentine Duo $7 - Satsuma Press

3. Scottie Wrist Key Chain $6.95 - Namolio

image source: 1, 2, 3


  1. I love the blue inside that creamer... it gives that extra something special.
    Haven't seen SATC2 yet... do you recommend it?

  2. I know, the colours they do are all actually really nice im thinking of buying a few things for my friend as a house warming gift :) If you're a fan of the show I would definitely recommend it . I really loved it but then again I would probably love anything they do because im a really satc geek lol

  3. haven't seen it yet but need to get myself to the movies and check it out... hope you're having a nice one!