Friday, 14 May 2010

Pocket Money Picks 14/May

Here are this weeks Pocket Money Picks....

1. Love Patterns Print $9.50 - Made By Girl

2. Paper Pencil Peace Set $6.20 - Lemontree77

3. Garden Lover Japanese Linen Cotton Blend Fabric $3.80- Stefaniexu


Don't you think the sweet Japanese fabric would make a lovely gardening apron? Or perhaps a shopping tote? It could carry all your fruit and veg from the market! The The Purl Bee had a tutorial recently to make a tote in just 20 minutes so perhaps that's a project you could tackle? Here's the link for you to bookmark.

Hope you all have a nice weekend planned! I love nothing more than spending the weekend either with my nose in a book or with a stack of magazines to read whilst eating breakfast in bed! I will be having a virtual flick through some of the e-mags from Holly's round up this week and I've just picked up the new Living Ect so I'll see you back here Monday... 

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