Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Illustrator Clare Owen

Well, for the second day in a row my camera is not playing ball, sigh.

I have a lovely little printable all designed, printed and photographed just for you but do you think I can get the images off my camera..? No. 

I supposed it doesnt hurt to wait a little longer. In any case I have something just as nice to share with you...

These endearing illustrations are by fellow Brit Clare Owen. (I discovered her work via the equally talented Sarah Jane.) Who doesnt love a fat cat in a French beret or vintage sewing paraphernalia? She has such a sweet uncomplicated style and I really like the colour palette she works from. 

Illustration is something I have always had a soft spot for. Unfortunately drawing doesn't come all that naturally for me and the patience needed to improve isn't my strength either. It seems illustration as a career is not for me, but that doesn't stop me lusting after charming illustrations wishing it was! My new Pinterest board is fast filling up with some wonderful illustrations. Are any of you on Pinterest? Perhaps we can follow each other :)

If you could have gone down a different creative path what would you love to be doing now? can see some of Clare's work on Flickr too ;)

image source: clare owen


  1. Oh I have seen her work before and I love her french cats too!

  2. they're great aren't they! Thanks for stopping by the blog Kitty :)

  3. Just found your blog after your fabrics comment. I was confused because one of the other people who sometimes comments is Deb from Make Do & Mend and it took me a while to realise you were someone different. I LOVE your blog - I love the illustrator on this post and the fabrics in what looks like a quilt you're making and the pocket money picks. I am definitely adding this to the UK blogland blogroll on my blog so I can keep up with yours. Lynne

  4. Hey Lynne thanks for your lovely comments! Its such a great discussion you've got going on your blog today, in fact it was because of Deb's blog that I came across you post this morning :)

  5. Thanks for the tip about pinterest. I love it and have just started my own under my name, Maryellen Quarles. See you there!

  6. Hey maryellen i just found you on Pinterest! I'mglad you like it too, i think its such a fantastic tool :)