Monday, 7 September 2009


Today I wanted to mark the passing of my first month blogging here at Make, Do and Send by thanking those that have helped me with the blog so far!

Just a month in and already I have be lucky enough to have... 2550 Visitors pass through who have collectively read a staggering 4666 posts. 40 of you have become Followers through blogger (see side bar), 115 of you have Subscribed via RSS and 240 have joined me on Twitter so far. Isn't that amazing?!

I couldn't be happier with how the launch has gone but its thanks to a few bloggers that I have managed to get off to such a good start so... first thank you goes to Kristen for coming up with the ingenious idea for Craftig. If you don't know what Craftig is all about click here, you will love it.

A big thank you goes to Kelly at Design Crush, Danni at Oh Hello Friend and Will at Bright.Bazaar for sharing my blog with your readers. Apart from boosting my traffic stats (which was greatly appreciated!) your support more importantly gave me a much needed confidence boost.

I'm really thankful to Maria for letting me join in the fun with the 'Through Her Eyes' feature on Layers of Meaning. It was great to share a little about myself and I met some lovely bloggers by taking part.

Lastly a very special thank you goes to Dionne of City of Dionne for all the wonderful comments she's been posting here since the start. They really do help keep me blogging!

If I could I would give you all a big group bear hug right now :)

Those that have taken the time to comment and share your thoughts with me here also deserve a special little thank you, so thank you to you too. Sorry I couldn't mention everyone :)

I hope you will all continue to follow the blog and enjoy what you find here! Have a great week... Alex x