Monday, 18 October 2010

Mae Mae Paperie Business Card Stamp

You probably noticed I have unexpectedly been offline for the last couple of weeks but I am back...Yay!

One of my first stops this morning was to check in on Megan's blog Mae Mae Paperie to see what she has been up to and I was delighted to see these lovely calling card stamps that are now available in her shoppe.

I know you have heard me say 'I need this in my life' many times before as I swoon over all sorts of pretty little things but I'm telling you, I really, really do!

I'd love for you to fill me in on what you have been up to while I have been away from the blog so leave me a comment and say hello!

image source: mae mae paperie


  1. Hello - glad you're back. I love Mae Mae's stamps so much I commented on her blog post. :D So cool.

  2. Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by and Happy (belated) Birthday sweetie :)