Monday, 4 October 2010

Free Knitting Patterns from

Autumn is here! ...well at least it is in my little corner of west London.

Red and gold leaves have been falling from the tress, hundreds of conkers are bursting from their spiky green shells and there is a definite chill in the air. All these little signs that winter is on it's way have got me thinking about knitting.

In my search for some new patterns to try I stumbled across a fantastic Norwegian blog called Pickles which has all sorts of lovely, cozy patterns which I know you will love too. In fact many of the patterns Heidi and Anna blog would be perfect if you are looking for gift ideas to work on for the holiday season! 

The Pickles blog runs along side the Pickles yarn and pattern store founded by Heidi and Anna who are both self confessed 'yarn nerds' :) They stock beautiful yarns in both neautral shades and gorgeous on trend colours that are easy to mix and match for creating your own colour palettes. 

I will definitley have to try knitting one of their designs and then I can show you the results here! I love the traditional looking Warm Winter Mitts shown at the top of this post, they would go perfectly with the new navy coat I bought this season. 

Happy knitting friends! 

image source: pickles


  1. omg i wish i could knit a lot better than i actually can!! Those gloves at the top are stunning.
    And n ireland is having the hottest weather this past two days than it has all summer.. doesnt feel autumnal just yet!!

  2. Lucky you. We had some sunshine yesterday but it was far from hot so please send some of your summer weather across the waters for us!!
    I definitely want to try making those gloves at the top, you should have a go too. The coloured stitches are added at the end so I think they might be simpler to knit than they look as you dont have to worry about changing yarn colours ect. :)
    Thanks for stopping by Claire

  3. i wish i could knit! these are great patterns! i especially love the leg warmers :)