Friday, 19 March 2010

Printable Monkey Tags By Ishtar Olivera


If you read Decor8 you've probably already heard all about Ishtar Olivera's blog this week as she was Holly's blog of the week! Ishtar's blog is not only full of her beautifully styled photos and illustrations but she writes the sweetest, thoughtful posts. You should definitely find some time to browse her archives with a cup tea in hand.

As a thank you to all the new fans commenting on her posts this week Ishrar has kindly designed these cute monkey tags that you can download and print over on her blog today. Isnt that a lovely thing to do! 

Click here to download your printable monkey tags :) 

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  1. Oh i´m happy you posted this on your blog, they are for sharing, so I´m really glad you did, besides, your blog is beautiful, seen lots of things I like...
    Thank you also for your kind words...+wishing you all the best,

  2. ps: ...I also blob on my pj,s many days..; )

  3. I'm sure all the best bloggers are writing in their pj's hehe :) thanks for stopping by i'm glad you like the blog Ishtar!

  4. These monkey's are adorable and would be so cute on a present for a child's birthday party! Thanks so much for the link. ♥

  5. Just what I've been thinking Kristi, im definitely going to use these when I wrap my newphews birthday present in a few weeks.