Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Fetching Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Do you like the gloves I've been knitting? I am telling you, this is t-h-e perfect knitting project. 

You only need a ball or so of yarn and they are a really fast knit so you wont find them lurking in the bottom of your knitting bag come the spring because you lost interest. I think I completed these in about a weeks worth of lunch breaks!  

In a recent interview Jane Richmond said that her advice for beginners was to 'choose a pattern that is just a little out of your reach, a pattern that will teach you something new' and I think I would totally agree with this thinking after tackling this Knitty glove pattern.

With just the knit and purl stitches under my belt and some help from YouTube I was able to complete these with not too much trouble even though Id never done cables or knitted on double point needles. I will admit I had to start over a couple of times but with only 15 stitches on each needle it wasn't too heartbreaking to rip out a few lines.

I hope you like the Fetching gloves as much as I do. If you have any other glove patterns you would like to share feel free to leave a link in the comments section. I think I'm a little bit in love with knitting gloves right now.


  1. Thanks for stopping by Giulia, glad you like the blog

  2. nice! i like the purple. i actually have that pattern bookmarked because i want to try it (and about 50 others), but i'm a little slow to use the double pointed needles! they scare me. ha! :)

  3. I can't seem to 'get' cables, no matter how many times i try> They end up so tight, though I knit loosely, I can't do the next row, did you perchnace encounter this problem, and if so, what praytell was your solution?!

  4. Ashley, knitting on the double point needles looks abit scary with all those points spiking out everywhere and it did seem a bit of a mess at first trying to control all those needles but once you give it ago you realise its not two hard as you just knit with 2 needles at a time as usual and sort of let the other needles hang out in the background. After a few rounds it should all stay in a nice sort of triangle shape. f found this really helpful...
    Joni, I cant say that I had any problems with the cables being too tight so i cant offer any pearls of wisdom but I think it was this video that helped me figure out how to do the cables for this pattern which might help you too.
    Thanks for stopping by ladies :)